Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Canal Bistro Mediterranean Grille

This evening, the Shanahan cousins dined at the Canal Bistro Mediterranean Grille on Guilford Avenue in Broad Ripple. It promised us "the freshest, tastiest, most authentic Mediterranean food you can get," and they did not disappoint. The Canal Bistro Mediterranean Grille delivered to our party a comfortable and charming atmosphere that was accompanied by delicious appetizers, entrees, and drinks.

Briefly, here are a few plates we enjoyed and would like to share. First, we'll begin with appetizers. Hummus and Pita Bread is a great starter and should be shared by all. If you are into greens, try the spinach pie rolls. And for you vegetarians out there, begin with the portabello mushroom because it will change your life and, quite honestly, will be large enough to fill your stomach for the rest of the evening.For the entrees, try the Lamb Kafta Kabobs and appreciate its tenderness. If you have a huge appetite, order the Gyro Platter and understand leftovers will be in your car on the way home. This is a great problem to have. A party member ordered the Grilled Fresh Fish and couldn't quit smiling the entire night. Suspicious but really no big deal.

While dining, we enjoyed our food with a few beverages. The restaurant had a wide range of drinks, including coffee, wine, beer, and of course, water. Milk might be an option but can not say that with confidence:) Fat Tire was a popular choice along with various glasses of wine.

If you find yourself in the Broad Ripple area and have a craving for Mediterranean food, we recommend the Canal Bistro Mediterranean Grille. See ya next Tuesday!

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  1. Well put Aaron. I would highly recommend the Canal Bistro. Food is great, service was superb, and they had Newcastle on tap. What more could you ask for?

  2. Four things come to my mind when I think about our trip to Canal Bistro:

    1. Great time
    2. Great food
    3. Aaron's mushroom the size of his head
    4. Heath & Luke's fries that looked like they came from heaven

  3. Funny they had a list of beer only labeled by it's country of origin. Who knew the Lebanese created such a tastey brew?