Monday, March 15, 2010

Fat Dan's "Chicago-Style" Deli

This past week, the Tuesday Night Takeover crowd dined at Fat Dan's "Chicago-Style" Deli. Fat Dan's is a small establishment located in Broad Ripple on the main drag. It promises Fresh Deli sandwiches, Vienna Sausage Dogs, Italian Chicago-Beef, In-house smoked ribs, brisket, pork, wings, and much more. Along with great tasting food was the service given to us all by Fat Dan himself. His tasty comfort food along with hospitality turned our evening into a wonderful experience.

For starters, do not leave without trying something "from the smoker" part of the menu. It's difficult to explain how much flavor is created from smoking wings all day. The aroma from the smoker is like a drug telling my brain to eat more and more. The smell is unforgettable and a great attribute to Fat Dan's deli.

As a group, everyone should try the seasoned fresh hand-cut fries. The fries are delivered resting on a large plastic sheet in the middle of the table. Plates aren't always necessary! and I thank Dan for reminding us of that. It personally brought a smile to my face and allowed me to forget, temporarily, about the stress and congestion a work day sometimes brings. After eating your body weight in fries, pick from the variety of beers Fat Dan has on tap. There are enough for all personal pallets. Whether you are an Old-Style fan or one who prefers a double hop - IPA, Fat Dan will provide.

I can not stress enough how the service at Fat Dan's was in perfect balance with the great tasting food. And most importantly, it was easy on our wallets. This is a place we will return, especially during the Cubs Season! If you're interested, check out Cheers Fat Dan!

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  1. You are correct in saying it was great food and service. But what you forgot to mention is that it was easy on the wallet!

    But back to the food. The Fat Dan Burger was great, served on parchment paper, which was easy to crumble up and dispose of afterward.

    Great place with great people. How could you not enjoy it?

  2. If you like Fat Dan's...we ask for your support to bring Bippity Boppity Beef - a mobile Italian Beef Truck to the streets of Indy! We too LOVE Fat Dan's and based our recipe on it! is helping to make our "Beef Dreams" come true!
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