Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Butler Bulldog Brunch

Good morrow loyal followers and happenstance readers. At my request, TNT met at a special time this weekend in honor of the Butler Bulldog’s trip to the NCAA Men’s Final Four. It is worth noting that before brunch began, @L delivered to @jdshanahan and @killa off-the-rack Butler jerseys from the Bulldog Bookstore because they would be sitting Row A center court at Lucas Oil for the Saturday semi-final games. It is also worth noting that @L had to watch the game that night at RAM with the other Butler Faithful (i.e. those who did not have tickets).

The celebratory special brunch was held at Petite Chou by Patachou , a pleasant bistro tucked away at 823 Westfield Boulevard in Broad Ripple. Upon arrival we faced a 35 minute wait, so call ahead my friends. Petite Chou’s brunch features daily specials and a regular menu with a variety of delicious options from crepes to fried egg sandwiches to made to order omelettes. Naturally, I went with the Steak and Eggs Petite Chou. This was afterall a brunch in honor of the Bulldogs, and winners eat steak. The chef prepared my medium-rare Indiana-raised rib eye masterfully. @ars chose the same dish, although his steak was cooked more thoroughly. The entire group drank mimosas with their meals because the coffee at Petite Chou is self-serve. It turns out that @Killa loved the strawberry garnish.

To compliment the cuisine, the entire TNT experience at Petite Chou was pleasant. From the first clink of our champagne glasses, our sociable server orchestrated our brunch with efficient grace. She even tolerated our obligatory barking in honor of the Bulldogs, and our booing of unsuspecting Spartan Fans.

A meal at Petite Chou is an elegant experience that is recommended for anyone who is looking to mark a special occasion, make an impression or simply take pleasure in life. The menu is slightly more expensive than our typical dining establishment, but hey, this was a celebration. The TNT crew agree that they would come back to Petite Chou: @hodge would return because he loves toasted brioche with fresh jam and @ars would return because he has a crush on one of the servers. Ultimately Butler ended their season short, a mere last-second-shot away from a national championship. However, everyone at TNT agrees that Petite Chou, like the Bulldogs this weekend, never failed to impress.

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  1. Well-written James (This excludes the first portion where the public found out that I could not attend the sacred game. It is a knock on those fans who didn't just jump on the bandwagon haha)

    But agreed - pleasant place to eat. I had an omelette with ham, cheese, and bacon that was amazing with my choice of sourdough toast. I would eat there again without a doubt and plan to do so. :)

  2. never quote charlie weis again