Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dinner at the Lakehouse

This post is going to be the opposite of me when I wake up in the morning, short and sweet. A little over a week ago, April 6, TNT tookover Scotty's Lakehouse. A new establishment off Geist Reservoir, Scotty's Lakehouse is a "burger joint" with a large selection of local microbrews and boasts a menu that almost entirely consists of food produced locally here in Indiana.

Myself, and some other members of TNT, have been to Scotty's Brewhouse. Beth and I visited the Ball State Brewhouse, as well as the Brewhouse in Indy off 96th Street. The slight name change for this location proved to be appropriate. Although some subtle hints reminded us of our previous Brewhouse experiences, the Lakehouse proved to be a much different animal. Similarities included the famous mofo sauce, the cloth towels at the tables, the mostly female staff branding the hokey t-shirts. The big difference proved to be in the menu selection. It's dominated by burgers, with a few other choices for those un-American people that can't seem to enjoy a hamburger. I won't get into too many specifics, but I had a burger that was topped with a fried egg and bacon, and it was like a party in my mouth. TNT, as a unit, was impressed with the food's simplicity and high quality. If you see any food on the menu that you'd normally enjoy, the Lakehouse version of that meal will definitely not disappoint. The variety comes in the brews, where there is surely a tasty beverage on tap that will match your taste.

The Lakehouse scored big in my book for it's location, expertise of the menu they offer, and overall environment for the dining experience. The copious flat screen televisions were impressive, making it not too shabby a place to catch a sporting event. I happen to live less than 5 minutes from the Lakehouse, but the one downside was that the Lakehouse is on the outer limits of TNT territory, and can be a beast to get to if trying to fight through after work traffic coming out of Indy. I can't wait to go again, and the next time we're wondering where to watch the game, or which bar to go catch a quick beer, Scotty's Lakehouse will surely be my first choice.

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  1. Thank you so much for this review. I appreciate it and so will my hard working team that helped put this project together. -Scotty (owner)

  2. Sacred cows make the best hamburger" -Mark Twain