Tuesday, April 27, 2010

C.R. Heroes

They are Heroes.

Lars speaking. Although I epically failed in my choice last week because it was no longer in operation, I knew I would make up for it by choosing our next restaurant, C.R. Heroes. I was not let down. C.R. Heroes is a great family friendly restaurant in business since 2002. The walls are lined with many pictures of superheroes with a small arcade for the kids. With a connecting bar, there is also entertainment for all ages. C.R. Heroes even has free dinner for children on Tuesday nights along with balloon art and face paint for their entertainment. Our waiter was on the ball and his smile went well with the staff’s brightly colored shirts.

The menu consists of a wide variety of sandwiches, burgers, and wraps. This restaurant is known for their appetizers. We began out dinner with complimentary pretzels with cheese and fried pickles that C.R. Heroes offers. TNT has not yet visited a restaurant with pretzels as an appetizer, and I really like this idea. To add, I’ve never had such a soft gooey pretzel. Let’s just say I could have eaten the whole basket, but I was forced to share.

When it came to mealtime, the crew diversified our selections this week. Aaron and I had a fabulous wrap, the Texas Chicken BBQ Wrap. I am not normally the type to order a wrap, but I decided it was time to expand my horizons. I was not disappointed. I also ordered a salad as my side and to my pleasant surprise I received a whole loaf of bread along with it. I was too hungry to share this with the table. Luke (about to be an official member of the family on October 23rd) ordered the Buffalo Chicken Wrap, Sars (middle sister) chose the Wild West BBQ Chicken Sandwich, while Heath and Ashley went for the Chicken Pesto Melt. Finally, Beth (oldest sister) and Wyatt ordered the most notable item on the menu, Hoosier Daddy. Perfect name for this hand breaded pork tenderloin delicacy.

Everyone loved their meals and enjoyed their time. Just a forewarning to followers that @L will not be in attendance at the TNT dinners between May 12 and June 8 because I will be traveling to Australia. Don’t worry, I will return in full force and hungry. Also, we look forward to next week when we will have another cousin winding down from finals at IU joining dinner. Stay tuned…

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  1. More good press, I really should try it soon.

    The pretzels and fried pickles were 100% free? Was it endless? That just seems too good to be true. I am a big pretzel fan and I too, like the pretzel app. I like pretzel bread and even the new Ritz crackers that are pretzel infused are might tasty.

    Good review, enjoyable read…

  2. Lurra you could have at least spelled the restaurant right. It was so distracting all your "Heroes" business when the picture right next to it blatantly reads Hero's. The Hero here is obviously in possession and not plural.

  3. Sorry Allie, but the picture says Heroes. The apostrophe isn't as it appears. It is an E as an apostrophe. It is hard to tell from the photo, so I won't hold it against you. It is very clear from their website, http://www.crheroes.com/.

  4. What a lesson learned!.. I am serry LJ :(