Monday, April 5, 2010

Elbow Room

This blog comes a week late, but hey, better late than never...

My choice for TNT Final Four week edition was The Elbow Room. The Elbow Room has a pub-like laid back atmosphere. At the Elbow Room they want all of their customers to be like friends. TNT can definitely get down with this kind of attitude. We at TNT live by one simple rule....ELE....Everybody Loves Everybody.

Usually we start off our meals by digging into some appetizers, but at the Elbow Room they throw down with Elbow-tizers! Some of the elbow-tizers we ordered were pub sticks (fried bread sticks, filled with mozzarella), beer battered onion rings and jumbo pretzels.

Every Tuesday night is special because we get to enjoy each others company. This Tuesday was exceptionally special because we had another cuz join the festivities. Evan (froshy) Shanahan is his name and throwing frisbee is his game. No clue how he got the nickname froshy, I just saw it on Facebook. We really enjoyed having Evan at dinner and hope he can join us more often.

The buffalo chicken wrap was the hottest item on the menu for the TNT crew. I am pretty sure four people settled for it, Heath, Luke, Sarah and Ashley (maybe). Luke settled for a buffalo chicken wrap, but was disappointed because he wanted a beef boat. The Larsinator & Evan, Beth & Aaron teamed up with each other to share two separate dinners. Teams LE shared a breaded tenderloin and some steak and shrimp. Team BA joined forces for a good ole fashioned pub burger and Reuben. As for muah, I took on the bison burger and onion rings and came home with a W.

Instead of gaining two more pounds and ordering desert we decided to shed two pounds and get some cardiovascular. We rolled across the street to the beautiful park and tossed some frisbee (if anybody knows the name of the park feel free to comment). This was probably the most disappointing event of the evening for me because I threw the frisbee like Manute Bol plays hockey....terrible.

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  1. Well said, Nick. The Buffalo Chicken wrap was good. Needed a bit more hot sauce, in my opinion.

    The park you speak of is right in front of the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library. On a nice day, you couldn't ask for a better place to throw a frisbee.

  2. I, a member of the LE team this week, loved the variety. The steak and shrimp were good, but my tenderloin was great, best part of my shared meal I would say.

  3. The more I think about it, Ashley didn't get a buffalo chicken wrap. She got the Hot Sicillian. Delicious ham, pepperoni, bacon and mozzarella with pepperoncinis and Italian dressing. I might took a bite when she wasn't looking, and it was great.